Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Blinkin' 'enry, it's alright for some, innit, winding down for Christmas, drinkin stout and smokin 'erb with Dubstep producers and hanging out with girls while the rest of us still have to make a bob, otherwise our kids'll be going to the workhouse in rags with j-cloths for shoes...

Bloody idlers!

While you skivvers were out destroying what's left of your brain-cells with THC and loud UK Urban Bass Music, I was busy sorting out an interview with Santogold (currently touring the UK with M.I.A.) so that the Pop-famished yoof of England and Germany will have something cool to listen to nxt year. And very nice to talk to she was too...took an instant shine to her when she very enthusiastically explained exactly why she wanted to work with Devo more than anyone else in the world. And the fact she unselfconsciously name-checked Bad Brains and The Fun Boy Three. Top girl.

I like the way she effortlessly flips between chunky, grimey, pumping Bashment-Electro mixes courtesy of Switch, Diplo, Freq Nasty, etc and more radio-friendy melodic stuff...I've had "L.E.S. Artists" looping in my skull for days's just total Pop cum 80s FM Rock - like, uh, The Cars colliding w/ the best song that The Police never the "Bette Davis Eyes" style claps, the weedy early 80s organ in the background: it's insanely catchy and unashamably Pop, but with a darkly existential centre to it...I think this is dropping as a twelve in March-ish (probably with the Switch mix of "Creator" as some sort of double A-Side)...hope it tears what's left of the X-Factor fixated charts to shreds.