Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Okay, a couple of books by Bizarro authors (and, by that, I mean writers who are part of the Bizarro literary non-movement, rather than writers who are just plain weird...LOL) that might be of interest to the more mushroom-befuddle'd Kid Shirt readers, or would maybe make a cool stocking filler for someone or other:

Forrest Armstrong (the notorious Boston-based Neo-Surrealist writer, poet and editor of The Swallow's Tail) has just completed a collaborative novel called "This City is Alive" with painter Jase Daniels (who's a member of the Discharge group of experimental artists and writers who include assorted malfesients, ne're do'wells and weekend Surrealists such as myself).

The illustrated novel is due to be published any minute now...Forrest says: "The book is available for PRE-ORDER now here. Orders should be in, in a couple weeks, so as soon as we receive the books we'll start sending them out to everyone who placed a pre-order. Forgot to mention, the book costs $8.95 and is $3.99 for shipping."

Here's some info on it:

This City is Alive is a surreal novella featuring illustrations by Jason Daniels. It merges the experimental nature of beat writers like William Burroughs or Allen Ginsberg with the modern surrealist sensibility of Steve Aylett’s novels. The story follows Chevy, as he leaves the bleak, empty island he was born on, and a homeless man named Simon Klepper enduring life on an eerie dystopian city in the middle of the ocean.

Some pre-reviews by his fellow Bizarro authors:

"The combined talents of Forrest Armstrong and Jason Daniels make for an impressive, mind-altering force. With This City is Alive Armstrong resuscitates the reader's amputated interest in contemporary literature, slapping apathy from our eyes with a tale as engrossing as it is brutal. The final outrage against complacency is the stunning visual art supplied by Daniels, evocative of worlds perhaps dreamed by tumors grown drunk on fermented carcinogens. One can only hope (fear?) that they will continue their collaborative rampage."- John Edward Lawson, author of Discouraging at Best

"Forrest Armstrong is a young writer to watch and This City is Alive is a great place to start." - Bradley Sands, author of It Came From Below the Belt

Check out Jase's artwork here.

Meannnnwhile, Carlton Mellick III's "Sausagey Santa" is back on the shelves (whose shelves!? what shelves!?) just in time for the festive season...

Rose from Erasurehead Press says: "It’s a twisted parody of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas with elf sex, demonic nazi snowmen, a badass samurai woman with a christmas fetish and a candy cane sword, and tons of other crazy shit…"