Friday, December 07, 2007


Some things I bought today on a whim. I can't stop looking at them.

There is no end to beauty - it festers, grows softer, riper and richer by the moment...its fingers creep like tendrils down into the cracks in our grey-matter, our skull's own crawlspace, growing intangible roots that seep into our memory-well until we ourselves become beautiful, open only to the possibility of yet more beauty: concrete shines, the ramshackle and the rotten and the ruined seem to throb with a seductive inner secret life that seeks only to embed itself in the space we have created between Then and Now.

Let it all in: it's time to breathe...


Many thanks to the mighty Hellvete for sending me a copy of his latest cassette - "Een Duvelse Zak Is Nooit Gevuld" wh/ comes complete w/ a gorgeous cover by ol' Father Sloow (who, I hear thru the intra-global lo-fi grapevine, stage-crashed a Michael Gira jam recently and has now been o-fish-ially inducted into the Flemish Hall of Alt.Fame: worra hero!)

The jams on this css are languid and lushly low-key, my friends, tho resolutely (yeah!) psychedelic w/ a sleepy, Blues-seeped undertow that drags you down under for the third time into a sort of flickering alpha-wave eyeball-movie, a sub-universe inhabited by bowed ragadrones, tinkling bells and weird Hungarian Minor Scales. Everything here shimmers and can almost see the music's chest rising and falling, like slow tumbling waves on the petulent green-grey autumnal sea off West Bay, or pale sand-dunes shifting in the breeze, slowly changing shape...tiny wisps of sand evaporating in the heat-haze like puffs of smoke; a cobra emerging from a whicker-basket in time to slightly sour-sounding plucked thaats and swaras from a detuned accoustic gtr. and gently rattled cymbals..."Sandoz in the Rain" stretched out like an endless road of guilded musical possibilities thru the gentle, desolated scrublands that have sprung up unexpectedly on the edge of your hometown.

It's lovely stuff, and it's been a total joy for me watching the music of the Funeral Folk collective (in their various permutations) slowly open up and grow into something so wonderous - this is quietly emotive stuff, gently even... it hits yr inner-eye without being flashy or bombastic, wh/ is a talent in itself.

Meanwhile, H plays The Pits in Kortrijk, Belgium, tonight and we wish him the best.

Meanwhile, there's a new Silvester Anfang css out on Meudiademorte.

Some info on this, as follows:

"Silvester Anfang "Spontane Opnames I: Anti-Metal Politie-Interventie" One Sided C90 Css New and last release for this year from the Silvester Anfang Cult. Dark, post-krautrock, heavy jam mode: guitars, bass, keys, flute and percussion combine with vocals to create a doomy Funeral-Psych rich in the textures of ritual and worship. Starts off in a drugged Satanic ritual and ends in a cosmic slaughterhouse."

An' check out the cool cover!