Monday, December 03, 2007


Totally gutted I can't make the Donovan Quinn show at The Cube, Bristol, tomorrow nite (4th Dec.) as part of his on-going UK tour, so I went and scored a copy of his tour CD-r "October Lanterns" wh/ is super-dooooper...if yr not familiar w/ his stuff: Quinn's an excellent songer-singwriter who blends elements of, errrm, Dylan, Robyn Hitchcock, Nikki Sudden, Barrett and a smidge of, errrm, Steve Harley maybe...the toons here are dreamy and druggy and oddly touching w/out drifting into the realm of the whacky. Banjos, jaw-harps, acc. gtrs and bontempi organs conspire to create some beautifully off-kilter backdrops that occasionally sound like a lost Beatles b-side recorded (then immediately forgotten) after they'd ransacked the medicine cupboard, or The Moody Blues (minus their mellotron) trapped by giant flowers in a small provincial seaside town...but the best stuff is just Donny and his gtr singing his woes away, sat on a rocking-chair out in the gloamy marshlands. Sterling stuff, but hurrrrry, o fervid one: there's only a hundred of these beauts and they're being snapped up like there's no tomorrow by thems what's in the know.

"October Lanterns" is available thru Soft Abuse. Go get 'em, tiiiiiiger.

Donovan also plays in The Skygreen Leopards, who many of you have probably heard of...but if you haven't, then I suggest you check 'em out pronto...they're a rather winningly wonderful pop-tinged psychedelic folk/rock duo/group whose songs are so meltingly catchy they'll have you sat up high in an elm tree hummin' 'em before you've even heard them... I particularly recoooooomend "Love and Life in Sparrow's Meadow"