Thursday, November 22, 2007


Yeah, in total agreement w/ John - I know bugger-all about Dancehall to be honest, but totally loving Black Chiney's refit of (you-know-who's) "Umbrella" wh/ I bought on a total whim on a five min. flyer in Dub Vendor last time I hit London in the arse-end of summer:

The B-Side Instro Version is really incredible tho: the 80s-sounding synths are so washed-out, they're like an old cheesecloth shirt that's been in the tumble-drier for the last 23 years and are now so thin-sounding that you can practically see right thru 'em. They're so washed-out and lo in the mix, that they're sounds like a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a cassette-tape of an old Human League demo, or incidental music from some 1982 Italio "Escape From New York" rip-off dubbed from a junk-shop VHS and sampled by EL-P on some lost Company Flow tune - I swear the speed fluctuates on my copy, so that it goes in and out of tune, but it's not my deck doing's like a vinyl pirate of another piece of vinyl, yet the clicky-sounding drum-track is way up front, in perfec-fec-fect time and sounding like some sort of mid-80's tennis-playing reggae-robot...the mix is sooo wrong that it's totally perfect. (Arooga! Arooooga!! Hyperbole Alert!) Anyone with any sort of interest in electronic pop should def. own a copy of this - it's a fucking classic and I'll still be playing in 20 yrs time w/ me old Normal, Fad Gadget singles, etc, etc.

Right now, I wish that all music sounded like this.