Friday, November 09, 2007

And here's a short clip of Ice Bird Spiral, doing thatever it is that we do:


Had a few emails from people asking where they can get hold of some Ice Bird Spiral studio jams. Well, pleased to announce that our self-titled album came out on monday (co-incidentally, the same day as our first gig) on Australian label MYMWLY (MusicYourMindWillLove you) and is available for a measly 10 Aus bucks. So form an orderly stampede over to the MYMWLY site and ask Michael D to mail ya a copy per-ronto:

(It also comes with a mortuary toe-tag insert containing credits and titles, which Michael claimed "fucking creeped him out...")

The MYMWLY write-up says: "So it is chaostatic glacial monuments, dwelling inside and outside at the same time, electronic dance moves and a tile of bathroom swimmers blending the air with discord and rain faces, munching the seconds with insane chatter...then a flash of the otherness, the supreme being. This is tense, cold music that at times wraps itself tightly about the head and forces a new way of thinking...that done, a deep warmth comes, womblike... deathlike... universal. Comes in a thought-stained envelope, with hand written toe-tags and full color insert." (Which is exactly what it sounds like!)

And, while you're there, be sure to grab a fistful of the other cool MYMWLY merch. There's a new bunch of really great CDs out by some of the sub-universes greatest psychonauts incl. some old favourites of mine like Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, 6Majik9 and Terracid. MYMWLY is a quality label that has been a major source of inspration to me over recent years, so I'm v. chuffed and excited to be involved with them, and I know Cloudboy is too.

There's also some limited CD-r editions available thru us - check our MurdochSpace site for info and updates. If you contact us thru MeMeMe!Space or thru this blog or Cloudboy's, we'll be happy to sort you out for a verrrrry reasonably priced edition, plus some postage depending on where you live (happy to send overseas, so don't be shy!). But hurry up, these Cds are selling like hoooooooootcakes and are destined to become collectors editions amongst burn-outs and the mentally ill at some point in the next thousand years or so.

Meanwhile, the soon-to-be-legendary Swineville Tour hits Trowbridge tomorrow (sat.) night like a large extinct species of prehistoric fish, so come over and say hi (we don't bite; we just inject our victims with a psychtropic gel from our antlers)...then buy all our merch and buy us drinks, food, rare records, etc - we're not too proud to beg!

(And if anyone's coming along who could film our set for us, then you'll have our undying gratitude, and I do mean undying...)