Thursday, November 08, 2007

Heartfelt thanks must go to everyone that turned out to support us on monday on the first leg of the Swineville Tour. It really was lovely to see you great to see some friendly faces. Some of you, I know, travelled up even tho you had work to go to the next day - so it was really appreciated:

My old pal the legendary Skipper Webb...aka The Lilac Butcher, a man who once supported The Butthole Surfers wearing bacofoil. Skipper, we luv ya!

The cream of the West Country Bloggerati: Gutterbreakz, Doppelganger and Loki...always a pleasure - you guys fucking rule. Great to hang with Nick while he grooved dn the front to Sunburned - he manipulated that head onna stick like he was an old acid-muddled master.

The Swindon Crew: James, Paul, Baz, Mr. blokes, one and all...

Bristol Dubstep innovators Peverelist, Gatekeeper and Skull Disco's Appleblim - jeez, I haven't seem Blim since, like, forever - not just amazing producers, but also some of the nicest guys around...

I can only apologise for not giving everyone the time and attention they deserved - the whole night was a whirl of adreeeeenaline, prepping and soundchecking and watching the merch stall - I just wish I could rewi-i-i-ind back and have a decent chat with everyone without all the various distractions. Like Doppelganger said: all that music got in the way of talking some serious bollocks...but hopefully I'll hook up witchy'all sometime soon...

And thanks to the Sunburned Hand of The Man family - friendly and gracious as ever - they just exude this warm inner vibe that's hard to quantify. John, Ron and Rob I'd met before on a handful of occasions, but Sarah was totally cool and Paul Labrecque was a complete dude - btw, being a resident in Flanders, paul says 'Hi' to the Funeral Folk Flemish Crew, if they're reading this...

Maybe I was just jazzed from playing, but I think they were the best I've ever seen 'em. Almost impossible to describe their set, but it veered beautifully from the totally ridiculous to the insanely frazzled; from slapstick Musique Concrete to amp-drenched Acid Rock. They built this incredible shrine thing out of wood and string and red lights at the front of the stage that completely defied belief, but unfortunately as I went to take a photo, my camera ran out of juice.

Still, Monday's set reminded me why they're one of my favourite bands. 6 weeks on the road so far: how the fuck do they do it?

Anyway, there's some more reviews and pictures scattered around over here and here and here...thanks to everyone for the kind words and for taking the time to write about us. Nice antlered IBS bunny-freak 'toon by Doppelganger.

Paul kindly filmed part of our set, so we'll load that up at some point if the sound comes out okay. I think there's gonna be a write-up in Venue, so if someone could snag me a spare copy for my archives, I'd be most appreciative in some weird unspecified way.

Okay, and so the Swineville Tour hits Trowbridge on saturday night as part of a Sonic Sanctuary nite. Trowbridge - how Rock n Roll's that! I'm looking forward to it - so if yr hanging loose in the Frome/Bath/Trowbridge axis of evil cum Rustic Bermuda Triangle, then come and make yself known to us. A few old friends are showing up for this one, I believe, incl. me old mucker Doc Harper - so should be a good night out.

Next up will be a show at The Cube in Bristol with Finnish legend Pekko Kappi - man, I'm so psyched to be sharing a bill with him. Annnnnn-nnd: he's from Tampere - yahoooooooo!