Saturday, November 03, 2007


Just a gentle reminder:

Ice Bird Spiral's Swineville Tour kicks off this coming monday (Bonfire Night) in Bristol. Some updated info has arrived, incl, times, etc:

SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN + Ice Bird Spiral + Ben Reynolds and indoor fireworks at The Croft, Bristol (Mon 5th Nov 2007 / 8pm / £6 adv)

DOORS: 8pm

Ben Reynolds: 8.30 - 9.00
Ice Bird Spiral: 9.15 - 9.45
Sunburned: 10.10 - 11.30

Jeez...Ben Reynolds is playing too! Fucking Ben Reynolds, man! How cool is that! I'm sooo psyched...

Ben's put out stuff on all sorts of ubercool (and Kid Shirt fave) labels like Time-Lag, Bread & Animals, Gold Soundz...can't wait to see what he does.

Meanwhile, here's some Tour Booty wot we made.

First up, is what Cloudboy calls The Swineville Standard Edition...(what he means is we made more of them LOL!)...I can tell ya: there's nothing standard about this CDr package. It's been lovingly assembled. Perhaps this is The Fireworks Trotter Edition. Check it:

My hands are trembling with excitement as I post this...face front, true believers! The music's pretty darn fab too. Yoo get a unique slice thru our "Swineville" meta-composition...a Concept Album for people who hate Concept Albums. To paraphrase The Eagles: It's Life in the Weird Lane.

It also features v. special guest appearances from (amongst others) fellow bloggers Dom Zero and Molly Bloom. (I'll be sending you guys a comp. copy soon as things calm down a bit around here.)

There's also a Swineville hand-sewn pouch edition, made from...actually, I'm not sure what it's made from, but it's been dyed and prematurely aged, and has had string and trinkets added, and has also been hand-painted. There's all sorts of groovy inserts too. Each one's unique. It's colossally limited, so form an orderly queue, o foetid one - and practice the firework safety code, y'hear! It comes with a 1907/1908 German postcard, so I like to, uh, call it The Schweinville Edition:

Okay, next up is the "A Taste Of" CDr, which is a ltd comp. featuring a mixture of old and new stuff, incl. a fistful of recent toons that we're starting to put together for a new album - tho I doubt that this stuff will ever be available in this exact form...our tracks tend to take on a strange, semi-liquid, self-evolving half-life so that they completely change by the time they're finally released. Anyway, I like to call this The Green Crappily Handsewn Damask Pseudo-Greek-Mythology Edition. Or something.

They come with beads and some melty, homemade green Fimo things. One of them looks a bit like a vulva and I was tempted to keep it.

Cloudboy's done some fab inserts to go with these:

Basically, CB does the cool, tastefully disturbed design stuff, while I do the raggetty-arsed disturbed throwntogether stuff. It seems to work LOL!

Anyway, hope you can make the show - would be good to see you all! And pleeeease buy some of our merch, so we can pay for our petrol money and train-fares! (Non-driving eco-fool that I am, I'll be doing the tour by train!)


Saturday November 17th Housman's Bookshop, Caledonian road N1. 7pm


Posters, drawings, zine signings by Laura Oldfield Ford

Projections, films, readings - Savage Messiah Collective

John Wild, anarchitect, activist, and psychogeographical explorer of data space will be transmitting a pirate radio signal, from a secret location in the Kings X area, constructed from locative data collected on the previous Kings X drift. A radio located in Housmans book shop will be tuned to the audio broadcast.

"Walking through London is a melancholy experience. The phantom of an invented, slickly choreographed future haunts the landscape. Where are these photoshopped families, the joyful inhabitants of the yuppiedromes? They are not here yet, but their avatars stalk us.

"Amidst the rubble and chaos, Polish construction workers in luminous garb skip in and out of vans for papers and fags. Oily leatherskins deconstruct the rusting heaps. Sometimes there's a group of kids with a nicked scooter, always the same, taking apart, a destructive urge, parts examined and strewn across the Greenway path. The area is cut, examined, destroyed, not rebuilt but cast off as parts hurled across a flat expanse. The sewage pipe was the conduit, it sliced through the wreckage and gave a god's eye view across the marshlands."