Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Apologies for the reduced level of bloggage recently, but a whole bunch of stuff has been biting into the ankles of my spare time. Just got back from an extremely agreeable few days in Devon with my nuclear family unit. (No, we really are nuclear – we glow a weird dull radium green when you turn the lights off. Or maybe we’ve evo-adapted to an underwater lifestyle, like the good frogfolk of Innsmouth, and this is just a form of marine bioluminescence…) Anyway, I have to reports that Dom’s shop is waaaaaay cool and, as expected, is full to the brim with, you know, ‘stuff’.

Also been writing twin-fisted reviews for a raft of various publications and also some kookie press-release stuff. Not to mention my fast-lane life as a jet-setting international author of fictional, er, fiction (more on that later). All those cocktail parties, the lunches and the launches, vacuously gorgeous supermodels to make-y de chit-chat with…it’s pretty wearisome stuff for an albino-pale, consumptive, creative type like meself, I can tell ya.

Ah, but the major time-chewer are the manic preparations for Ice Bird Spiral’s forthcoming Swineville Tour which kicks off next week. Okay, so only two dates, but, hey, that qualifies for full tour status in my book.

All sorts of stuff going on in that arena (oh, so now it’s an arena tour, eh?)…recording, rehearsing, designing, interviewing groupies, sewing…(sewing! Ye Gods, so it’s come to this…!!)…all that background stuff that's necessary to make sure that the Swineville Tour is a big, explosive, theatrical psychnoise spectacular that’ll make Genesis’ “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” look like some half-baked, am-dram pantomime put on in Hinton St. George village-hall. Or was it the other way round? I forget.

"Swineville" is this super-fab Anti-Concept Album cum Tour CD-r that Cloudboy and I have dreamt up and recorded: a single, long, multi-segmented conceptual piece to tide you over 'til the album on MYMWLY finally arrives (be patient, my lovelies, not long now...) Anti-Song Cycle, if you like: it's a bit like "Tommy", but without any tunes, and everyone in it is deaf, dumb and blind. It'll blow yer minds.

In fact, there’s gonna be plenty of self-designed CD-r goodies for you consumerist-types to buy as you blindly lurch from the auditorium, staggering with aftershock at the full-on multi-media assault that is the Ice Bird Spiral live roadshow. Forget Kiss or Parliament or ELO’s much-vaunted stadium gigs in the 70s - this is, er, something completely different altogether.

(Adopts Ian Hunter talk-over voice) Still, I feel I've let you down somehow...("Rock n Roll's a loser's game...") are all my children, metaphorically, if not biologically, so I feel I owe you something for all those missed CSA payments, those weekends when we should have been playing in the park... Hmmm, let me mull this over and get back to you. What I think this blog needs is a competition! Keep watching...!

Anyways, some tunes I've been diggin' the last few weeks that I've tragically not had the time to post about (I can only apologise whole-heartedly):

Peverelist: "Roll With the Punches"/"Die Brucke" (Punch Drunk) - loverly, loverly stuff from Tom...a cracking record, even better than "The Grind" I reckon (lordy, was that really a year ago!)...and quite an important record too, in the way it unexpectedly fuses together dif. strands of the electronic dance music continuum: it's beautifully understated stuff, drawing dotted lines betwn Dubstep and three decades of Teutonic e-musik from mid-70s K/Werk to contempo Minimal. It's well lush.

2562: "Kameleon"/"Channel One" (Tectonic) - how to follow up the frankly terrific "Channel Two"?...well, more freaky dubbed-out Detroit-referencing futuristic shit would appear to be the answer. Perfect nite-time cruising tunes: kerbcrawl round Chilthorne Domer at 2 in the morning and pretend it's some dystopic Future-Babylon (which it is). Drive past the Co-op in Yeovil popping caps at the feral, stone-throwing hood-kids that live in the wheelybins round the back. A pair of m-monstrous toons.

Shit and Shine: "Cherry" (Riot Season) - Shit and Shine get the fucking Fonk. 'Nuff said: Respekt. Whopping gert dbl-album from the lads. It's fabulous stuff. Check out the 20 minute maelstrom they call "The Rabbit Song." Then tell a total stranger that you love them. Without laughing.