Thursday, October 25, 2007


There's a (even tho I say so myself) pretty neat piece by myself in the latest ish of Dazed, on music released on Floppy Disks:

The issue is a sex-themed one, so my article ended up being titled "Floppy Fetish" LOL! Long-term readers will be aware that floppy-disk culture is something that I've touched on here before and is something v. close to my heart.

Thanks to a huge raft of folks for helping me with this, espesh Xavier and Emmanuel at Minijack, Johan at Husmus, Tom at Ura (Ardkore home to the fucking remarkable Street Biz and Erebus & Terror), Charlie at 3.5" Ain't bad for a Floppy and Curtis at My Little Floppy - heroes, one and all!

If it wasn't so late and I wasn't sooooo damn tired I'd write a whole bunch more about these guys! Anyway, when Dazed is off the shelves (available in all good newagents (and WH Smiths!)) I'll be continuing my on-going Floppy-Disk Culture series with some mini-featurettes on these and some other floppy-scene stalwards!