Tuesday, October 23, 2007


And speaking of Burial: Believe the hype, people.

Well, I'm sure you've all got yr copies of this by now or else have heard the mix on Mary-Anne (far too late for me on a school night, I'm afraid!). It really is superlative, I think: dense, syrupy, futuristic Soul Science...heartbroken transmissions from some semi-submerged otherworld. Flashfrozen slow-fluid snapshots trapped in glowing amber.

Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

No one ever seems to talk about his beats, tho. His beats are fucking great: dull, clunking thuds of damp wood. Slippery, half-pissed clicks that trip over their own feet. Wood-blocks, muffled log snares, soggy reverb-free rim-shots. UK Garage trapped in the woods with mud on its kick-drums.

jeez, it's the return of the hoover-sound: a falling elevator, a car that won't start...a sudden sucking undertow that threatens to pull you under...

Stop Press:

I've since realised that this isn't actually out for another week or two. (Duh! I'd convinced myself it had come out a couple days ago) It goes without saying that this album comes with the highest possible recommendation.

Special big thanks to the mighty Kode9 and those loverly people at Hyperdub.

FACT: 22

My own copy of FACT #22 finally arrived today, courtesy of a malfunctioning mail service.

As well as my Burial interview, it also features a Q&A by myself with John Maloney of Sunburned Hand of The Man...there's an extended mega-mix of the interview on the FACT website here, plus a new, majorly extended intro to the piece espesh for the website, cos I'm kind & considerate like that.

The ink edition also features assorted reviews by myself incl. Devendra's new LP and the excellent new Sunburned album, which is also posted up here somewhere or other if you can be bothered to page down.

The whole Sunburned thing was weird as I was talking to John, unbewknown to Cloudboy who (unbeknown to me) was simultaneously talking to the promoters and sorting out a support slot w/ Sunburned for us. Life's a bit strange like that sometimes, innit.