Friday, October 05, 2007


Mic just forwarded me a press-release from those nice people at Qu Junktions:


Presented by Qu Junktions /

at The Croft, Bristol

(Mon 5th Nov 2007 / 8pm / £6 adv)

Hold it down, Bristol town. They are back for more of the crazed. In support of their biggest release yet and super strong and twice as long, SHOTM return once again to Bristol for more oodles of psych-o-phunk-adelia mischief.

This band of brothers/sisters follow no rules and their new long-player justifies this ancient rule of maverick music makers. Between chaos and clarity lies their vast sound. Be it “African beat, Svengali hisses, atonal noise, electronic blips, sound clips, drone, Euro-trance, etc. Each track summons an entirely different mood.” what’s more ‘Fire Escape’ was produced and envisioned by genre-hopper uber-producer Four Tet. Recorded in London soon after their legendary two night stint at The Cube - it pushes up the rhythm section, deranges yr idea of pop and sounds like the Bomb Squad re-mixing a 23 Skidoo/Gong show. Wild?

SHOTM play a social and informal music, unshaped, unstructured, but completely determined by our immediate culture. While summoning up their music on stage it seems to take shape with sounds and patterns the reflect the myriad of influences that the ever-changing Sunburned collective are riffing on at that very vital moment.

Since last time they visited these shores they have, also, released one Ecstatic Peace wig-out, 4 to 6 CD-R, 2 DVD-R releases, while members have played with MV/EE, Boredoms and Thurston Moore. They live it, we feel it and it feels good.

First Bristol show for West Country weird-o’s ‘Ice Bird Spiral’ and what a pleasure it will be. Ice Bird Spiral inhabit a West Country Interzone somewhere between psychedelic-noise and old school Surrealism, where found-sound and automatic writing co-exist with rural car-boot mysticism. The band are currently a 9-piece, but the other 7 are either dead or don't exist.

TICKET OUTLETS: Bristol Ticket Shop / Here Shop (Stokes Croft) / 20th Century Flicks (Clifton)

0870 4444 400 /

(The MySpace is still under construction - so tidy up before you leave and keep the noise down - we've got neighbours!)