Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A couple of Bristol-based gigs that might be of interest to ya - one of them is PG Six tomorrow night at The Cube. Well worth checking out! Their mail-out reads:


(Wed 15th / 8pm / £5)

"Bless these blues. PG Six is loved for his gentle but grounded voice, his dreamlike, psych compositions and his homespun sound. One of the songwriters in the seminal free-wheeling, looper group Tower Recordings with Matt Valentine. New record 'Slightly Sorry' (Drag City) expands his trademark soft reels, harps and Anglo-Irish folk influences towards Neil Young territory with the help of full backing band.

Four years in the making, Matt Jones and friends return with a new Crescent record this summer. 'Little Waves' (Fat Cat) is a warm and exquisite set of songs in which multi-tracked guitars, trumpet, and saxophone flow alongside field recordings and ramshackle 78's. More tranquil than anything they've released before, with this record Matt has also found his voice as a singer.Performing tonight as a three piece."

Groovy stuff. Looks unlikely that I can make that one, but hopefully Cloudboy or someone will post a review. I'd love to go, but can't see it happening...

Meanwhile, Scott and a bunch of assorted maniacs hit The Croft, Bristol on thurs, 23rd Aug...

...this looks like a cracking show: Company Fuck rebranded as Company Love, I see LOL! Also features Aussie audio-viz project Botborg, some Italio Disco beats and DJ Miscarriage, fer fucks sake. An instant classic, I reckon.