Saturday, June 30, 2007


Good to hear that Arthur magazine is still alive and kicking, with a bunch of fund-raising auctions organised that include a one-off gift-box created by Devendra Banhart, lunch with Grant Morrison and the sale of this, an extremely limited print of William Burroughs & His Gilded Cobra (1967) by Ira Cohen:

Fking gorgeous!


Number three in a (very) occasional series of records that came wrapped in bits of foreign newspapers.

(Guy above appears to be making some sort of pile of chairs!)

This kindly comes courtesy of Sami at the mighty Lahna Records, who got in touch with me recently...("Insane in the Finland!" - what a great slogan!) I haven't unwrapped it yet, as I really wanted to post a picture of the packaging - getting stuff thru the post wrapped in foreign nooospapers is always a real buzz fer me, I can tell ya! Especially as they have to travel back in time to reach me. This one turned up exactly as in piccy above - raw newpaper covered in selloptape. How cool's that?

Lahna are also home to those fabulously scabby little art-punk oiks Armas Huutamo, who I posted on earlier in the year.

Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on the contents of this - more info soon as I catch up with a backlog of posts...


And as I emerge once more, glistening in fresh, vat-synthesised chitin, from my metabolic-chrysalis, all this talk of moths seems like a vague dream I once had...was it real, did it ever really happen...? I wipe a soft glaze of pungent, aromatic peptide-chains from my face and adjust my mandibles. And, so, down to business once more...

One day we'll sit back and laugh about this.