Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Now, don't get me wrong: I like these guy's live stuff and their demos and basement jams, but I'm not sure how much I like their more recent recorded I alone in finding all the vocoder'd vocals, processed beats and mellotron (plug-ins?) contrived and faintly irritating? It sounds, probably unintentionally, in places, more like some sort of post-ironic take on Psych by Air or Phoenix or some other Froggy chancers...a series of gestures and tropes, rather than anything genuinely transportative...I'm finding it hard to home in on any sort of genuine emotional narrative...(not that I'm hung up on authenticity or 'realness' - I do dig numb robo-hollowness & I like to plunge into the sea of plasticness from time to time...) ...bu-u-u-t: I feel strangely, I dunno, unconvinced by some of this stuff.

There's some kinda faintly breakbeatish drumming in places, and also some vaguely glitchy IDMish analoglaptop faux-pastoral touches that put me in mind of Boards of Canada (who I cannot fking stand) and various other 3rdgen Warp acts - this all feels like, umm, pandering to modernity for the sake of it...the result is a pseudo-psychedelic soup that sounds more Starbucks than ecstatic...the best Psych music shoots you out of yrself, or else drags you further in: it should be a Blakean affirmation or a deep-space inner negation, not luke warm, not coffee-table, not a mellow, life-style soundtrack accessory to be filed alongside HMV's Asian Lounge CDs...Pysch shouldn't merely be about 'niceness'... and this is probably one of my problems with BMSR's touring buddies The Flaming Lips - top, well-meaning blokes and I really wanna like them, etc - despite their attempts to bring technological texturings into Psych's fusty palette, there's a slightly limp sameness to their songs - they touch the ceiling or their toes when they should touch the sky or a G-spot deep in yr heart...

Yeah, it prob. sounds like I'm being unnecessarily harsh - after all, this is just a working band trying to accomodate and reach out to a wider, more mainstream audience whilst also trying to widen Psych's parameters by including textures normally associated with electronica - but I'm just not getting it, to be honest. And I don't wanna resort to the time-honoured cliche of "Yaah, well, I preferred their earlier stuff..." Live, tho, they've gotta lot more kick and clatter, but the recording process seems to have sanded their edge off.


Spilosoma lubricipeda - The White Ermine (or the Shirley Bassey Moth, as it's known in the West Country), spotted in our garden in Yeovil on sunday afternoon, no doubt resting after fleeing Glastonbury in a privately chartered helicopter:

Photographed here feeding in its natural habitat: some green plastic peas perched precariously on the edge of a massive gravity well in a rift in the space-time continuum. Note: intense, green-tinged Kirby Krackle/fractal nrg mirages in the quantal foam on the far right.