Sunday, June 24, 2007


Here. And, uh, here too.

Think you'll like these dudes. Sick, shattered sheets of raw noise. Go get 'em, fido!


Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds.

Jeez. Bags-I we use that as a track-title.

...And: Finnish Vampire-Moths that drink human blood.

Mothsex fax: moths practice safe-sex...since moths, like Sting and Trudy Styler, sometimes copulate for 8-9 hours at a time, they need protection, not from pregnancy, but from, to this end, some species absorb toxins from plants when they feed during their larval stage. The male Rattlebox Moth, for example, sucks up various chemicals from the rattlebox plant that then make it unpalatable to predatory insects and animals. The Wasp Moth chows down on Dogfennel before contemplating a bout of nooky - like garlic in humans, this makes them so vile to be around, that spiders will actually cut them loose from their webs! Phoo - yuck!

When moths mate, some males pass toxins onto/into the female in their sperm. Wasp Moth blokes exude a fine, toxic mist that surround them and their birds, like a cloud of Brut aftershave, seeing off predators (and lurve rivals) during their marathon shagging sessions. This protection is also passed onto the fertilised eggs. The male Rattlebox Moth 'poisons' its mate so much that she's protected from predators for the rest of her life, which is usually only about 3-4 weeks, or slightly longer than the average Club 18-30 Holiday


Check this out: (apologies for annoying audio advert at the beginning of the 'cast) Jeff Rice generating music from moth wings (plus a few FX, by the sound of it) using bat-detectors, etc. He's talking about touring with his moths and creating a Moth 'band'...