Friday, June 22, 2007


The Daddy of 'em all: the wonderfully named Acherontia Styx.

There's also a sub-species called: A. Styx Medusa. This baby has been cast throughout history as evil incarnate, a sinister avatar of death or the Devil, with numerous superstitions growing up around it. (As a child, just the idea of this moth, and also the Deathwatch Beetle used to creep me out.) The Death's Head even put in a guest appearance in Un Chien Andalou. Respek' due. It also makes a squeaking sound when cornered, like a bat (or me!). And even raids bee-hives in search of honey. He's one hard bastard of a moth.

Has even been known to put in special-guest appearances in the south of the UK.


Hi to DJ Stinky Jim from Auckland, NZ...thanks for dropping by in my comments-box - always nice when readers make themselves known to me (unless they're, like, dead relatives...)

Jim's one of the Phase 5 collective and you can check their adventures into, erm, Antipodean/Oceanian digi-dub, inlcuding the topically named "Mothman Skank" here. His Stinky Grooves radio show is available here on 95bFM.

Hey, Stinky, if you fancy joining in with our Lord Coward rmx chain-letter that's currently limping its way round the Blogosphere, drop me a line.

"Stinky Jim is de wickidest ting!" LOL!


I liiiike Steve Rude's stuff...

He's not just a Kirby Kopyist - tho he wears his influences on his sleeve (Jack King - LOL!) - he very much has his own style: it's more rounded, curvier than Kirby' can see it in the way his characters walk; they're kinda bow-legged, but that works w/in the conventions of comic-book art...I've always seen his style as a sort of hybrid of Kirby and Ditko, tho it looks nothing like any of the stuff produced on the few occasions that Ditko inked Kirby (early issues of The Hulk, for example)...Ditko's inking can look kinda, well, inky...there's a feathered splodginess to some of his ink-work; I guess he used a brush and sometimes the ink would pile up into tiny lumps, accreted layers of residue - you also see it sometimes in the inking of Klaus Jansen, or Joe Rubenstein...

Nah, Rude's line-work is silky smooth - it's almost clear-line work, very lean and European-looking (if it wasn't for his occasional use of blocks of black, you could almost see him drawing some sort of post-Tintin thing), but shot through with a very American, Kirbyesque sense of dynamics, tho his postures are more curvaceous, more feminine, as if he sees his poses and perspectives in terms of invisible curves and ellipses...

Anyway, I do like his stuff: his take on Thor was gorgeous, as was his New Gods/Mister Miracle one-shot. I haven't got round to buying The Moth, but, after a casual peek, it looks like his least Kirbyish work thus far...