Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Okay, next on at the Yeovil Snooker Club after Arse Slab were rural, er, Space-Rock band ReTardis, featuring Ye Olde Kid Shirt Editor in Pseudo-DikMik mode on synths. We formed so that Geitevuyst would have some sort of support-band when they came down to play Yeovil. Two quick practices later, we winged (wung?) it and played a gig...ah, brings back memories of the Punk Era...

First up is a cut-price cover of Hawkwind's "Master of the Universe", complete with an original naff early Hawkwind vibe intro bit featuring yrs truly on mock-pompous sf-poetry Nik Turner/Bob Calvert style talk-over and electronics, complete with backwards echo, to get that gen-u-ine pan-galactic 1971 Free Fest. feel. LOL! Anyway, I'm hiding down in the bottom right somewhere, 'cos we couldn't fit a table on stage for my kit! Dave braved the vocals on this one...the smoke-machine cut out really quickly because we'd used most of the capsule up when we practiced in the afternoon...LOL! Yes, we practised with a smoke-machine on - we're fucking hardcore, man!

(Dave's guitar cut out during this, or the PA went or something, so an heroic John Stafford sorted out the sound halfway thru in true guerilla fashion!)

Next: "Destroy all Celebrities/Overstellar Interdrive Pt. One (Inside-out)"

More bad anarchistic sub-"Sonic Attack" style improv space-poetry...LOL! Me on 'vocals' on "Inside-Out", crawling around on the floor, 'cos that's where me lyric-sheet was! I'd quickly written some words 11 o'clock that morning, an hour before we rehearsed, but I couldn't remember any of the words LOL!

"Overstellar Interdrive Pt. Two"

"Syd Barrett is Dead! Syd Barrett is Dead!"....LOL!

Forget the gatefold concept rock-opera triple LP, these 'lyrics' were written as-is 1st-take cobblers-stream-of-consciousness while I was walking out the house. "The Wall", it aint. LOL!

"Roger Walters (sic)!" Obv. too early in the morning for me. There's another vid floating around of us tackling the Dr. Who theme...

Anyway, had a total blast doing it! Thanks to Dave, Al and Pete for making it such complete fun. It almost sounds like a 'proper' band in places LOL! Wembley Stadium, here we come.

Next up, I'll post some vids of the wonderful Geitevuyst, soon as I figure out the easiest way to rip some .avi files from the .vobs on the DVD...

Yeah, Yeovil People sure know how to party!