Monday, June 11, 2007


Dalek biscuit made by Ultraman O-Glitch, who formed an unholy alliance, an Axis of Evil, with Kid Kid Shirt on saturday, skulking ninja-like behind bushes and furniture as they stalked and terrorised their hapless kid sisters. Their mission: to overthrow parental tyranny and splash people with buckets of water. A pair of binocculars were also involved. The O-Man freaked me when he did a spectacular (and unexpected) martial-arts flip n crouch move in our conservatory that was worthy of the wire-work of Yuen-Wo Ping..."I learnt that move from The Matrix," he said, deadpan, arching an eyebrow and assuming a Drunken Crane position that I've only ever seen his father do after a particularly heavy Dub Session. His cool intact, he ran off to find some Pringles. At bedtime, my daughter confessed that the O-Man and her had been eating animal biscuits "that made them both super-strong" (I think Farmer Glitch and I might be familiar with these same biscuits). After a couple o'these crazy camel cookies, the O-Man (allegedly) slid down the bannisters, did a somersault "and landed on his bum." Not to be outdone, Kid Kid Shirt went down the stairs on her backside, "two steps at a time!"

"But don't tell mum," she added, looking kinda spooked.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who turned up for some sort of weird salmonella cook-out in our back-garden to celebrate the umpteenth remix of my wife's 21st b/day. I had a really cool time and it was mucho great to see everyone. Legendary wild-life photographer Skipper Webb was in attendance...he's off to the Galapagos Islands in a couple weeks to continue his ambition to photograph every known species of penguin. So far he's chalked up 6 (out of 18, I think he said?), and is hoping to up his score by adding the Galapagos Penguin, which is apparently one of the furthest north dwelling species of penguins.

The Skipper has got some of his work up for sale in a Bristol gallery here, but he's currently sorting thru around 10000 photos in his Antartic expedition archives, ready to license out to photo-libraries. A website of his work will appear at some point in the near future, including his Art of Decay site which will focus on his non-wildlife photographs of rusting/decaying/entropic processes.