Sunday, June 03, 2007


Last night was a total blast. Geitevuyst were fucking awesome.

Many thanks to the Goat boys for coming down and playing for us. Helvette, Edgar and Carl are quite possibly the nicest guys on the planet, sonic ambassadors and an absolute credit to their nation. They crashed at El Rancho Shirto after we went on a drunken after-show rampage thru the flesh-pots of downtown Yeovil. I was chuffed to hear that the "Twinned With..." sign was still sellotaped in place when they drove thru Yeovil City Limits ("Twenny-fiiiive is the speed limit!" Cue wah-wah guitars...) yesterday lunch-time.

Thanks are also due to my fellow Retardians, for putting a band together in a week and for making the practising such fun. Yesterday, we filled John's Rehersal Bunker with so much smoke from a smoke-machine that we were physically unable to see each other thru the fumes. I took some photos of the rehersal-room fog, which I'll post in due course. Thanks to John for use of his practice-space and for lugging and driving people n gear around. Special thanks must go to Flinty for sorting out venue, PA, etc...and for his live sound tweakage. He's a total organisational whizzz-kid.

I enjoyed playing and I really enjoyed all the bands, but in totally different ways. It was one of those nights that people will be talking about in the pub for months to come. The evening spiralled down into warm, fuzzy chaos and I didn't want it to end. But what felt reaaaally great was the fact that we did it ourselves, for ourselves. Watching Geitevuyst play in the dark, with washes of noise breaking over me, it really did feel for a few minutes as if Yeovil had somehow, incredibly, temporarily managed to jack itself into the international alt.noise circuit.

More about the music later (possibly also posting some videos at some point). But me really tired and wanna go to bed now.