Thursday, May 10, 2007


Never trust a man with shit on his boots:

My demonisation of Midge Ure continues. I was gonna go and picket his show in Yeovil tonight, wearing a Warren Cann mask, but it's pissing down w/ rain right now and I've got a cold. Instead, I spent the evening doing something a bit more productive: furtively carrying buckets of rubble down the road under cover of darkness and dumping them in a neighbour's hired-skip. Here at Kid Shirt we are almost rurally ninja-like in our frugal tightfistedness. Hopefully, Ure played to an empty house.

Speaking of picketing, I never posted the photos of my one-man Van Morrison Picket-Line a coupla years ago. I will remedy that soon!


I was writing a review earlier in the week of the recent Beta-Lactam vinyl reissue of "Alkuhärkä" by Kemialliset Ystävät and stumbled on some live footage. So I thought I'd post a fistful of their shows.

If anyone wants to get in contact with me and let me know who shot some of the footage, then I'll make sure they're properly credited and so forth.

First up, the Lal Lal Lal Festival at Semifinal, Helsinki, about a week ago. Nice languid, slippery-slow-slidin' psych feel to this:

(I see the Ray Pacino Ensemble also played at this - they're really great! And I've been meaning to post on them for, like, forever!)

Some more from the same gig. Starts off sounding (very vaguely) like the bass-line from Hawkwind's "Assault & Battery":

Live in Budapest (Uh Festival), back in March, I think. Initially comes on like a twittering electronic avary:

Live at Sonar in 2005. I remember writing my Finnish piece for Dazed & Confused back then and emailing Jan for some info, and him answering from Barcelona (one of my favourite cities!), but I never actually twigged-on that they were playing the Sonar Fest. This is more of a layered, delay-drone piece, I guess, tho it starts out like a lo-fi Philip Glass circa his mid-70s on Virgin (footage shot by Jordi):