Friday, May 04, 2007


Vid of IDM Theft Able (see post below) at Live in De Living, in Tienen, Belgium, courtesy of the wonderous Mangenerated:

(Play Loud!)

...And there's a review of his other Belgian gig at Rotkot here.


Just in from Lieven, some dates for your diary:

11 MEI:

YELLOW SWANS (us, the dudes explain everything they're doing)
BLUE SHIFT (us, providence violination grill trip)
LASERQUEST (bel, three headed german syndrome)
NAOMI (us, girl dealing with strange topics)
ONDE (bel / nl, af ursin's new band)
DJ BUFFLE (bel, weirdos with a golden heart)

@ SCHELDAPEN, d'herbouivillekaai 36, 2020 antwerpen

18 MEI:

THE WAY OF THE CROSS (international gathering band with members of the skaters, avarus, tomutonttu, kemialliset ystavat, embryo, no neck blues band, stellar, the free players, kuupuu. weird bigband visions of the 3D Free)
DJ GROSS GLABELLE (bel, homeopathic sex dealer)

@SCHELDAPEN, d'herbouivillekaai 36, 2020 antwerpen

26 MEI:

CHARALAMBIDES (us, sweet voice meets in the dreamzone)
RIFF DRIVEL (nl, helbaard meditation dude)
BLAASTAAL (bel, het echt antwaarps theater teams up with negativland)
MORE?! DISCOBAR SHORTY (bel, weird sounds for the hangover)

@ROTKOT, begijnenstraat 52, 2000 antwerpen

Now yr talkin'!


Been busy with other stuff over the last few weeks, but have started doing some bits and bobs again on the "I Remember Lemuria" short animated-film, which is now a whole 9 seconds long (*gasp*) the moment, it's just a rough discombobulated series of short painted-over 2-D faux abtract expressionist 'cave-paintings', but soon as I get some webcam shit up n running I'm gonna shoot some bits of live footage n mix 'em in, and hopefully get my 8mm footage out of the archives...the plan is to eventually put together a series of short fucked-up psych-films for the Ice Bird Spiral music that Cloudboy and I have been beaverin' away with...maybe we'll YouTube it onto a website or put out a twisted DVD-r of some sort, tho we're still a ways off of that...LOL! Anyway, watch this space...