Thursday, March 15, 2007


Me on Tuesday night's excellent LCD Soundsystem show in Bristol.

Oh, and Raccoo-oo-oon were fucking phenomenonal last night at Seymours Family Club in Bristol! They rocked my world, fer sure. More on this terrific night out when I get the photos developed and finally catch up with my sleep. Meanwhile, Cloudboy's on the case.


RIP Gareth Hunt!

RIP 70's X-Men (and Legion of Super-Heroes) artist Dave Cockrum. (Sorry, a bit behind the times with this one! Only just found out...) Now, the artists that came after Cockrum all got bigger (and, in a lot of cases, unmerited) props... now call me old-fucking-fashioned, but I always had a helluva lot of time for Cockrum's work. It was solid and reliable, built on (again) old-fashioned concepts like reasonably plausible and fairly realistic anatomical construction, but he had a bloody good eye for layout and dynamic poses. I though he drew cool-looking women too, without resorting to the softcore cheesecake tropes that've infected comics in the 'Dark Age' post-Image Comics universe.

He's probably best known for this:

But it was actually pencilled by Gil Kane and inked by Cockrum. Anyway, he's an artist whose stuff I always liked, and I'll miss seeing his work. I was heartened to hear that Marvel retroactively settled with him for his design work on X-Men, which paid for his long-term hospitalisation a couple years back. It's the least they could've done, tho, considering he was a prime-mover in helping make the X-men the zillion-dollar industry it is now. Shame they never saw fit to give Kirby, when he was still alive, the co-creator credit and the cash that have made Stan the Man a multi-millionaire.

RIP Brad Delp.

Who he? The vocalist with 70s Soft Metal superstars Boston. Aw, c'mon, ya nay-sayers..."More Than a Feeling" is great and you know it!