Sunday, March 11, 2007



Down in Exeter Museum yesterday, in the Stuffed Animal House, hanging w/ the kids while they did some drawings n stuff in a small 'art' area in the shadow of an enormous stuffed moose, and, on top of a box of discarded kids' scribblings, I found this excellent example of Found Art (presumably done by a bored parent a coupla minutes before we arrived - love the pencilled moose hoof! - kinda reminds me of the cover of the Sunburned Hand 7" on Riot Season a coupla years back):


...And in their small gallery area, in amongst the spray-soaked Devon seascapes, I found a really nice (and extremely red ) abstract from (gasp!) Yeovil-born artist Brian Rice (who must be in his seventies by now)...great to find a painter from Yeovil who floats my boat (most of the local artists are rural crafts-based folk, tho I'm sure there's loads of interesting creators who have circumnavigated the regional arts-centre/craft-shop circuit), tho a quick Google earlier in the evening failed to bring up anything else by him that took my fancy...