Saturday, March 10, 2007


Well, this new zombie flick looks like it might be fun:

My understanding is that this is finished, but currently without a distribution deal. Looks like it takes some of the Class-ist Subtexts embedded in Romero's "Land of the Dead" (Zombies recast as downtrodden sub-class, etc) and makes them more explicit. (Racist discrimination against zombies; "We don't want your kind in this neighbourhood; etc) This stuff also dovetails neatly into the recent Zombie meets Hillbilly/trailer-trash micro-genre, and my own thoughts on Zombie-Chavs, etc.

I did my own peculiarly British take on all this nonsense a while back (back before the yawnsome "Shaun of the Dead") in the form of a short script: the BBC were calling for comedy sketch pitches a few years back, so one of the things I bashed out was a 5-min UK zom-com thing; but by the time I finished it the Beeb, bless 'em, had a regime change and decided that they no longer wanted to pay anyone to read pitches, so everyone had to go back to trying to creep up the arses of various commissioning editors, radio-show producers, etc. So, yeah, listen up! any TV producers or budding film-makers reading this: I've got a short-ish UK Urban zom script thing sat in my sock-drawer that could be lengthen'd/adapted into something pretty fucking fresh (Skins meets, ummm...something with a lot of dead people in it, innit). Shove a Grime/UK Garage soundtrack under it n off you go...

(Expect to see something featuring teenage Brit zoms on BBC3 in about 18 months time, then...but not with my name on it. Fuck, I've just given someone else a career...ah, least I now have the option to sue 'em...)

Anyway, assorted info about "Last Rites of the Dead" and its makers here.