Sunday, March 04, 2007



Hellvete tells me that the title of the latest Silvester Anfang album "Satanische Vrede" translates as "Satanic Peace".

"Satanic Peace": how cool's that?

Meanwhile, I finally got Edgar's tiger back in its bag:

The other side of the cassette is given over to Dolphins of East Belgium, which is an alias of Lieven of the excellent Bread and Animals label and is a little similar to some of my own early 90s electronic explorations...certainly, in attitude and also in terms of's full of pause-button edits, tape wobble, MIDI chatter n chime, and muffled synthwarble: at one point, eerie pseudo-animal calls echo across an ocean of flash-frozen lava...shimmering layers of Casio organ-cheese slide back n forth across each other, sounding like an ice-cream van beseiged by a legion of imaginary cryptozooic creatures. There's also some cool mod-wheel action on display here.

Track three is thumb-pianos in zero-gee...skeletons cavorting in space (the xylophone as musical shorthand for bones)...later on, an ill wind blows in from the astral prairie (resembles a sound I once got from my old Akai S612 12-bit sampler which has got a nice cheap filter that can muffle sounds and apply a slow, modulated wobble). Tape-sounds stall like an old car, then restart; then get multitracked and tangled, tripping over themselves. Some of the stuff is endearingly abstract, tho later tracks are a little more conventionally structured... but the important thing here is that it's stuffed full of ideas, and even the more left-field tracks are v. engaging, I think. This is pretty close to the sort of music I'd make, if left to my own devices. Burn yr computer!

This afternoon, Lieven told me: "The dolphins' cassette has some solo stuff of mine on it and some jams I did with my girlfriend (she also did the color insert with the cute animal drawings). It's in the same league as the Sloow Tapes release a bit. We both use those typical Casio sampling keyboards and I sometimes use a 1980's (cheap) korg poly61 keyboard."

I think Lieven might be referring to something like the Casio SK-1, which is an old favourite of mine (must dust it off soon for some recording)...I'm also hoping to maybe buy a cheap Yamaha DD-10 this week (plus foot-pedals), which is a home entertainment drum-unit of 80s vintage with 8-bit drum sounds on it....). The Sloow Tapes release he mentions is prob. this one, done under the name of Pulsating in the Eye and Vision. (I've got a copy of this heading my way soon, hopefully.) There's a wonderfully jaunty piece of 80's organ sabotage available for a listen over on his MySpace site...