Saturday, March 03, 2007


Attention, freaks: some sorta weird lunar eclipse thing going on right now; looks like someone's taking a bite outa the moon...been working on a mix of a killer guitar-piece that Mic put together a few months back called "Passing Through Knives" wh/ is a monster slice of glacial Psych that's sooo lovely I didn't wanna ruin it; finally got my nerve/shit together to tackle this beaut and it's coming together nicely over the last coupla hours; shoulda guess'd that Isis was in the house...gonna go out and catch me some liminal moon-rays while it's still up n happening. I'll see if I can get a crap photo of this that I can post maybe tomorrow....

(Wow. Crystal-clear nite tonite. Out on the porch outside 1973 sippin' gin and smokin'. My neighbours are all out in the garden too; I can hear their voices drifting over the fence...Paul the bus-driver's voice in the dark saying: "Where were you when the world blew up...?" and his kids laughing. Camera keeps telling me the light's too low, but I'll give it a go. I'll try'n get some of our clothes-pegs in the picture too as a tribute to the cover of "Viva la Trance"...someone's letting off fireworks. What's that all about? Are they trying to reach the moon, or is it a competing w/ Nature thing...light up the sky w/ Standard Fireworks...Standard: LOL!)