Saturday, February 24, 2007

FACT: 18

New ish of FACT out now n packed to the rafters, as ever, w/ kool stuff, incl. a veritable flotilla of record reviews by yrs truly:

There's bits by moi on Mala/DMZ and the new Stooges album, and a piece about my recent trans-Siberian mission to check out Alexander Kolpakov and Pavla Fleischer's film on Eugene Hutz. Dig it.

(Actually, speaking of The Stooges, I was heartened to see David Keenan included their Minehead romp in The Wire's recent Top Twenty Greatest Gigs Ever list...his own reasoning echoed my thoughts when I reviewed the weekend for FACT a few weeks ago. My first cut of the review carried a load more stuff about The Stooges and how I thought Iggy had tapped into some sort of primal avatar/archetype thing, then I realised I hadn't written about the other 20 bands I saw that weekend; so word-count forced me to hack back a whole bunch of stuff about The Stooges...if I could find my notes, I'd post 'em here...

Still, sad to say that my love-affair with The Wire is now virtually over and the magazine kind've annoys me on a whole bunch of levels (I was talking to Matt Woebot about this last year, so he'll know where I'm coming from...)...still, it's like an ex-girlfriend you can't seem to stop yrself sniffing around; I keep saying this'll be the last time, buuut...well, Dave Keenan (and Byron Coley!) is one of a handful of reasons why I still buy it sometimes: I thought Mr. K's recent piece on Matt valentine and Erika Elder was fucking superb...)


Also: check the FACT site (round here somewhere (probably in the archives by now!)) for my review of the totally wonderful Phantom Family Halo album wh/ I first mentioned on the blog a coupla months ago. I meant to play this to my pals last weekend (along with the first Ian Hunter solo album!), but dammit: I forgot. If you don't already own this LP, then shame on ya! Hand yrself into the Royal Dog-catcher right now. It's a Glam Thing, babeee.