Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This is fucking great stuff; hard Acid Psych-Blues, a million miles away from the Michael Schenker H Metal era material; worth it just for the filthy overdriven gtr sound on "Boogie" alone:

This is, I think a German comp. that features mainly stuff from '70/'71 (so from first two studio albums (UFO1 n UFO2), probably)...excellent condition, and I picked it up for a mere 4 quid the other week...currently playing it to death; works beautifully back-2-back with Bowie's "Man Who Sold The World" LP or Groundhog's "Split" or 2nd/3rd Hawkwind album (or even Comets On Fire)...lovely warm valve-amp bass sound; slight echo on the drums and vocals...

Actually, I think I've got a video somewhere of them doing a live version of "Boogie", but not as tuff-sounding as this studio version...(just listenin' to it again: oooooooow, maaama! )