Monday, February 12, 2007


Especially for Martin (see comment below):

Tenacious little fucker, ain't he? He also had guns welded onto his wheelchair at one point, I seem to remember. Great accidental faux Free-Folk soundtrack.

(Actually, my dad lost both his legs to diabetes and was wheelchair-bound, but, bugger me, you'd never see him laying out cheap hoodlums. Mostly, he just sat about drinking whisky and bitching.)

Hard to credit it now, but down our way "The Amazing Mr. No Legs" used to be readily available for hire from corner newsagents and grocers shops during the first flush of early 80s video culture. I remember seeing this at all-nite video-parties (remember them!), usually back-to-back with a Chesty Morgan film...

Incredible to think there was once a time when Jordan didn't exist.

On a related note, it's good to see this tradition being continued: those of you who've seen the trailer for Robert Rodriguez' awesome-looking "Planet terror" will have already noted that Rose MacGowen has an machine-gun implanted in the stump of her severed leg. (But those fake trailers are absolutely fantastic: especially "They Call Him Machete" and "Werewolf Women of The SS".)