Monday, February 05, 2007


Ah fuck it: let's have some more Turkish Pop! This time it's Hepsi, from Istanbul. Turkey's answer to Girls Aloud. Apparently, each of the girls has their own personal colour scheme/motif, blahblahblah...

Like the blocky/clunky beats on this one, and the rubbery bass-line:

And the ghost of Abba hovers over this, I reckon, in terms of styling, presentation and (v. faintly) the arrangement (well, okay, up until the point they go urban at the end):

And if anyone wants to get me a copy of their album for my birthday on the 18th (or any other similarly flavoured Indo-Asian-Euro-Pop fluff) then please be my guest...!


Holly Valance turned up tonight on "Prison Break" with an extremely dodgy Australian meets Romanian meets Czech meets fucknowswhat 'accent' (well, fair doings, she is half-Serbian, I think...). This unlikely pop-cultural collision feels worthy of some sort of half-arsed Kid Shirt tribute...ah, I know, I'll post a dodgy video mash-up of her going back-to-back with Turkish Pop Star Tarkan whose single "Şımarık" formed the chasis of her hit "Kiss, Kiss". Cheese meets cheesecake. Yeah, that feels kinda rightfully symmetrical...

An' the eagle-eyed Pop Culture Buffs amongst ya may've also spotted her recent cameos in episodes of "Entourage" and "CSI: Antartica".


This just in from the distributors:

"The Fall vinyl has gone back to 5th March – due to Mark E Smith wanting it remastered. He wasn’t happy with the mastering (2 days before call off!), so they’ve had to remake them from scratch. So gone back 3 weeks. CD is still out on 12th February, and has called off..."