Friday, January 12, 2007


Just in from Per of the Funeral Folk posse...

"Silvester Anfang is hitting the road together with the best alien bluesman around, Ignatz, and Jack Rose, the Lord himself.

You can come and see us at the following dates and places:

13/01/2007 Bunker - Brussel (+ R.O.T., Islaja)
14/01/2007 Worm - Rotterdam
15/01/2007 Helbaard - Den Haag
17/01/2007 ljud - Aarhus
18/01/2007 byens lys - christiania - kopenhagen (+ Family Underground)
21/01/2007 zentrale randlage - Berlin
22/01/2007 Cave12 - Geneva
23/01/2007 Sonic Lyon - Lyon
24/01/2007 Instant Chavir├ęs - Paris (+ Birchville Cat Motel)
25/01/2007 Luminaire - London
27/01/2007 Scheld'apen - Antwerpen (+ Skullflower, Marauder & Adibi,

If you're coming over, say hi and buy us a beer!

We also have some new stuff for sale during the tour:

ff13 - Blodklod/Geitevuyst - s/t (split-tape)
ff14 - Silvester Anfang - Heidense Maagden (2cd-r)
ff15 - Jack Rose/Silvester Anfang - tour 7"

All the worst and see you out there!!!..."

Meanwhile (Kek speaking now...slaps own wrist!): I promise, promise, promise to post that big Funeral Folk piece real soon...