Sunday, October 07, 2007


King Crimson: Larks Tongues in Aspic Part 1, Belgium, 1972:

Man of the match here, for me, is manic improv percussionist Jamie Muir, a mate of Derek Bailey's who went on to be a Buddhist monk. The perfect foil for Bill Bruford's more formalist drum style. There's an enlightening & extremely interesting interview with him here.

Interestingly, he mentions doing the music for a film called "E, etc" which I used to have on video back in the 80's. It was an experimental piece featuring digital overlays of colour and texture, quite unlike anything I'd seen before, and I think it predated many of Eno's own 'digital painting' experiments. We ripped chunks of this, cut it up and used sections of it as part of a video backdrop for gigs of Yeovil electro-pop group Kickstate around '87, '88...

There's some interesting stuff here about his mate Laurie tantalising glimpses of 'lost' Brit Prog-group Sunship whose line-up included Muir, Baker, Alan Gowen and Allan Holdsworth...are there any boots out there of their rehersals or demos, I wonder?


At 7:06 am, Blogger St. Anthony said...

For my money, this was the best incarnation of Crimso ... pity it didn't last very long. Larks Tongues In Aspic is a great album. Complete nutter, Muir was ... he bought something unpredictable to the mix.


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