Thursday, September 06, 2007


Many thanks to Xavier and Emmanuel from the mighty Buffle for being, well, quite possibly the most helpful guys on the planet over the last couple days - sending me photos and stuff for an upcoming magazine feature, and just generally being uber-dudes.

Xavier also pointed me at this short bit of vid featuring him and Jonna (aka Kuupuu) in action a few weeks ago in Berlin. And lovely stuff it is too.

Is that a volume-pedal Xavier's using? Gonna have to get me one of those.

(Or maybe it's just a wah-wah.) I also like those mini-mixers everyone seems to be using these days. So much more compact than that fucking monstrous 8-track I use. Jonna's also using one on that lovely floaty footage of her playing Radio Centrale.

I've got a recent-ish vinyl Kuupuu album round here somewhere that I really must get round to reviewing sometime.


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