Sunday, September 02, 2007


Big thanks to Cloudboy for making the looooong lonely trek down the A37 to Swineville, er, I mean Yeovil, for some live Ice Bird Spiral jams. It was fucking excellent fun. To say that we were both exceedingly pleased with the outcome would be an understatement. I think the results kinda exceeded both our expectations - more rhythmic-sounding than our original studio-based incarnation, but with some queasy-sounding tonal stuff (I love it when sounds slide over each other like greasy venn-diagrams and combine to reveal hitherto unforeseen possibilities), Casio-driven barbarian blues, 1970 West Country Kosmische (shouldn't that be Kaarrrsmik...?) and clattery droneback shriek-outs. I'm glad we taped it. We're so pleased w/ this shit that some of it will almost inevitably turn up on a future CD...

In fact, (and I say this in a totally unselfconscious, non-arrogant head-up-arse way): We Rule!

Nearly an hour into our first jam and we hit one of those fantastic out-of-body, eyes rolling back, speaking in tongues performance-moments where you drool and hyperventilate like a maniac, and temporarily become something/someone else...phew! After that we had to pop down the shop for pasties and banana/strawberry smoothies in order to recover. Rawk und Roooooll!

Note: deliberate analogue keyboard embargo - we seem to have opted for 80's Casios/home keyboards/toys for this outing...though, saying that, we mainly ended up using guitars, cutlery and contact fact, the rehearsal space was awash with contact-mics; you couldn't even scratch yer arse without it being committed to tape...still, CB has to win some sort of prize for turning up with a bowl of mussel shells to use as a musical instrument...

Hey, didn't you know: bi-valves are the new stratocasters!

Anyway, this all bodes well for live gigs. Thanks, as ever, to John for the loan of The Bunker, and to our long suffering wives for putting up with our obsessive hoarding of anything that you could ever possibly shake, hit, strum or that contains some sort of sound-chip or noise-generating capability.


At 12:03 pm, Blogger Dan said...

Might we be seeing a live version of IBS sometime soon? Better question: Will there be shamanic rituals and live drug-taking?

At 2:24 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

"Might we be seeing a live version of IBS sometime soon?" Yeah, fer sure...

"Will there be shamanic rituals and live drug-taking?" Oh, yes - hopefully in the audience!


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