Monday, September 03, 2007


Found these in town this morning - fuck knows how they ended up in Yeovil.

Qu'aiti State in Hadhramaut = South Arabia, wh/ is now The Yemen and was a British protectorate until some point in the 60s, I think. So maybe they were brought back to the UK by a returning soldier or sailor...maybe someone at Yeovilton. Still, lovely images; and even tho they're presumably a sort of celebration of 60s US Space Race Fever they still open the doors of the inner mind up to endless other possible futures...of 1960s Turkish or Islamic missions to The Moon or Mars, using retro-futurist tech...ending up with a sort of Ottoman Space Empire stretching across the solar-system...imagine an old Arabic version of "The Outer Limits" with cheap fx and crap arabian space-monsters battling it out with heroic Kathiris spacemen w/ death-rays on abandoned Moorish style the little head (Sultan Awadh II bin Saleh Al Quaiti...?) in the corner - it looks like he's on a sort of black and white TV space-monitor...


At 11:16 pm, Blogger doppelganger said...

I remember some kinda counterhistorical novel from when I was a kid - the Black Death was 10% more deadly or something...leaving the old world to be dominated by the Ottoman Empire, which in turn, never exploited the new world, leaving the Aztecs to develop as a civilisation - bith of em facing off in a kind of cold war.... it was good... i wish it'd had pictures...


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