Friday, August 03, 2007


Gavin emailed this across to me earlier today. He and the Cushti mob are 'aving it at Woods tomorrow night:

Gav says: "Woods is, in my eyes, an excellent venue for a night out... I won the DJ competition there a couple of years ago and unfortunately haven't been back for this reason I'm treating this as my "victory lap," hence have put a lot of effort into the track selection, I'm certain you'll enjoy it.

Starts at 8pm finishes at 3am. Times are as follows:

8pm > 10pm - Adam Manuel (Funky House, warming up the evening with a cool cocktail)

10pm > 11.30pm - DJ Johno (Commercial Dance, for those that know Johno, our previous office cleaner!)

11.30pm > 1.30am - Me (House, lots of vocals and upfront tracks from todays dancefloors blended to perfection) Apparently, Gav's going for the Electro-House end of the spectrum - should be a lot of fun.

1.30am > 3am - Jay Sanders (Minimal, to finish the evening off smoothly)

Should be lots of entertainment along the way, if you're into drum and bass, there's some DJ's in the upstairs bar providing just that, so something hopefully for everyone!"

"Johno, our previous office cleaner" - LOL! Yay, big up Johno!

But wait, what's this...Jay's playing a set of Yeovil...!!!?

Hellzapoppin'! That's one in the eye for all you jet-settin' cityslicker Frankfurt-dwellin' hipsters...

Minimal in Yeovil. Well, I'll be...


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