Sunday, August 12, 2007


White slavers:

Interesting piece in the Times today about greedhead Top-Shop owner Philip Green (smug git on the left) using outsourced labour in Mauritius that were treated as little more than slaves. The work produced by dormitory-dwelling sweatshop workers included clothes for a line allegedly 'designed' by skrawny Cockney airhead Kate Moss (self-satisfied, inane-looking bitch on the right) for a fee of around £3mil. Actually, La Moss' 'work' consisted of standing in a shop window for 20 minutes, then getting bombed on champagne afterwards. Meanwhile Green's clothes empire makes (no exageration) around £3 mil a day. He's allegedly worth upwards of 3 and a half billion. Not exactly chump change.

Chinese workers who complained about their working conditions were allegedly tear-gassed by the local police.

When Green was confronted with these slavery accusations by a reporter, he told them that he'd punched the last journalist who'd tried to have this conversation with him. Green is currently avoiding the media backlash by holdaying on his £30 million luxury yacht, while Moss is partying in Ibiza w/ assorted cokehead mates like Sadie Frost. With friends like Frost, Bobby Gillespie, etc, who needs Pete Doherty, eh?

Philip Green likes to portray himself as a self-made "larger-than-life character". At Kid Shirt, we think he's a larger-than-life cunt, actually.

One sympathetic and obviously well-educated person responded to the story in the comments section of the Times blog, by saying: "Its called enterprize? (sic) Life isnt fair. but its worked for generations."

Yes, and I think you know what you can do too, knobhead.


At 2:34 pm, Blogger Martin said...

Anyone who buys clothes in Top Shop is a cunt

At 7:17 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Especially the blokes - LOL!

At 10:38 am, Blogger Martin said...

I saw that bloke who plays the thick mechanic in Eastenders coming out of one of their stores with this really sick look on his face once


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