Saturday, August 18, 2007


Most folk I know are aware I have a total antipathy towards The Beatles, but I've been looking for this bloody single by Ringo Starr for ages:

Sure, I could've found it on eBay inside 3 minutes, but that's not the way my mind works. If you're looking for 80's Afrobeat or obscure French Disco cuts, then great, but I still prefer the viseral thrill of flipping thru a box of sevens and physically finding something I really covet - which is what happened to me in Glastonbury last week: I literally squealed with delight when I plucked this out of a knackered old cardboard box. That moment will now be forever embedded in my memory when I play this. I don't care if I have to wait years sometimes to score something I really want; it's far better than a coupla lazy digital clicks and well worth the payoff.

Still, my memory had played bad tricks on me w/ this one - I'd convinced myself it was effectively a lost T.Rex song...I'd even retro-engineered some Visconti-produced strings and backing-vox into this and was shocked to find how much it deviated from my alzheimer-blurred memory of hearing it on my trusty old transistor-radio in ' still sounds great tho, but the drums and gtr are far more prominent than I expected and I was amazed to find it was produced by George Harrison. I was up in Clifton, Bristol, a few months ago when a backstreet record-seller who I know had just got in a pristine original copy of Harrison's "Electronic Sound" LP and offered it to me on the spot as he knows I like 60s electronics (and fake ethno shit)...he already had a buyer lined up, but was up for letting me have it for cash there and then...we cranked it up (I'd never heard it all the way through before) and I confess I really enjoyed it, but the asking price was too much for something I'd only play occasionally and mainly as a curiousity piece...instead I bought some UFO and Budgie albums LOL!

There's a great vid of "Back Off, Boogaloo" here...unfortunately, someone's turned off the embedding, otherwise I'd post it now. Ringo looks fucking great in the film - an underground star in waiting (he's great in "Born to Boogie" and "200 Motels" too). He's skinny and hairy and cool as fuck - looks like he should be in Devendra Banhart's band or something. Lennon, eat yr heart out.

I rather like "It Don't Come Easy" too, so here it is:


At 2:26 am, Blogger grant said...

is that Keith Richards in the Boogaloo video?

At 7:12 am, Blogger farmer glitch said...

Lucky bugger - a disc I too would love to track down - along with an original & inch of All the Young Dudes - no record collection can truly be classed complete without those two !!

At 9:45 am, Blogger kek-w said...

"Keith Richards" - LOL!

At 7:43 pm, Blogger Betty said...

Two great singles, those. Ringo seemed to spend all his time hanging out with Marc Bolan then and was all the better for it. What a dude.

At 7:59 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Yeah, Dude is the word. Oozes cool.

That's a marvellous image, him playing piano in the snow like that.

Something about that early 70s era - cool meant something different back then - it was almost a byword for a type of wrongness. The people who I think are cool now have that same 70s flashback sense of cool.


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