Monday, July 09, 2007


Uber-satirist Steve Aylett, the Anti-Matter Neil Gaiman and author of such luminous, bejewelled goodies n oddities such as "The Caterer," "Fain the Sorcerer," etc checks in with news of a live appearance:

"By the way, in case you're interested I'm doing a reading/performance on July 22 at stand-up venue the Troy Club, CROBAR, 17 Manette Street, London W1D 4AS, W1D 4AS (just next to Foyles), starts around 7.30pm. Other performers are Toby Hadoke, Liam Mullone, Eric's Tales Of The Sea. MC is Andrew O'Neill..."

Steve is responsible (tho he'd prob. deny it) for the multi-layered Kilgore Troutesque beast that is Jeff Lint. If'n you still don't know who Steve is, then I suggest you pinch yrself, wake up, then run on over to his website and score some of his cool shit pronto.

Says Mr. Aylett: "Haven't done a proper stand-up club before & probably will be torn to shreds. I might take along an old-man mask and do the whole thing as Lord Pin."


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