Saturday, July 28, 2007


An old piece of mine on Sunburned Hand of The Man gets reprinted on the FACT website, as a tie-in, I guess, with their imminent Four Tet produced album.

Meanwhile, check this cassette of "The Pegadrift" on Fuck It Tapes:

"Horse Country Blues" on Side A is one of my favourite Sunburned tracks: an iridescent howl of guitar noise that sounds like a 1970s demo by some lost Barbarian Krautrock or Japsych band or something. Recorded live in Knoxville, TN, presumably during some demented beer-run to James Toth's house; a bookend to the smeary, masochistic Acid Power-Blues of Zodiacs... sounds rub up against each other; everything is distorted or on 11 and in the red; tapewarp stretching notes into improbable new shapes: this is raw, visceral stuff; unexpectedly savage and totally brilliant.


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