Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Nuslux: a CD of some mad treach Finnish electronic shit from Lal Lal Lal Records mainman Roope Eronen.

(The Cover's a cut-up two dogs copulating, isn't it? Or have I just failed some sort of Rorschach psycho-test?)

Wonder what Nick would make of this? Starts off w/ minimalist oscillator-hum, crackle n hisssss like a malfunctioning step-down transformer. But just as soon as yr brain's wrapped itself round the Hz cycles, Roope wrongfoots ya with some galloppppping retardo beat-loop action that sounds like it's being accompanied by an oboe-player who's got his big toe plugged into the mains.

Track 4 is some kinda high-end buzz like an electric mosquito-nest, while 5 is a jittery power-plant all lit up at night, red LED lites flickering in the nocto gloom...some sort of muzzy loop rises out of the misfiring electrics, sounding like the Phantom of The Paradise on appetite suppressants. A fly throws itself at one of those UV zappers you find in butchers shops.

Track 6 is a kebab rotissery in fast-cook mode fucking an Argos microwave. They suddenly orgasm fast and hard, but someone diplomatically fades the track...

Track 7 is a small, fat droid with A.D.D. trying to get off a conveyor-belt. As he relentlessly slides down towards the hatch that leads to the furnace, he blows a party-whistle. In the end, things go badly for him and he plummets down an endless trash-chute...

Track 9 is an old Remington shaver that flies around your head in a series of slow mournful circles. Coiling spirals of synthsound emerge from under the floorboards, like tiny little drillheads, the frequencies drifting in and out of pitch with each other in a way that's surprisingly relaxing. There's a muted clacking beat somewhere in the distance, like a bomb that's about to go off but never does.

10's my favourite, I think. Tops spin in an old tin bath. A robot dog worries at his favourite bone. Flanged washes of sound swirl around in the mid-distance, as if we are approaching a rusting Art Deco city on a small flying-disk. Bright blue electric signs flicker in the ink of night; colours I've never seen before; logos for companies that don't yet exist...

11 is manic, oscillator-driven punk: a short android fandango.

12 is a never-ending fanfare for modified tubes of glowing chrome or aluminium; it's the Silver Apples reforming in the afterlife; a chamber-piece for overdriven Farfisa organs; 60's Garage-Punk played on a ribbon-controller...

13 is some sort of one-man amplified hoe-down in a garage fore-court...will play for potato-chips!

No titles on my copy (which kinda adds to the mystery), but the notes mention assorted oscillators and so forth, so, nosey git that I am, I thought I'd ask Roope to fill in a few details...

Nuslux is just youself, isn't it?

RE: "Yes, I started the project this spring."

The sleeve notes say it's mostly hand-built gear.....oscillators and stuff....are these conventional synths, or just boxes of home-made electronics?

RE: "There's an home-made oscillator and an old bontemp which has been tuned. There's an oscillator which can be mixed to the bontemp signal and some other tricks. Now I also have a home-made 4-channel slicer, but it's not yet used on the cd-r. All the instruments have been built for me by my friend Tomas."

What do you play usually - are you a guitarist?

RE: "I usually play a Casio through the same multi-effect board Nuslux uses. I've had that board for ten years. Or something."

How come you ended up playing the stuff on this CD.....have you had an interest in electronics for a while, or was this a new thing for you....?

RE: "Spencer and James (Skaters) asked me to collaborate on their scandinavian tour this April and I couldn't resist, so I needed a project to tour with. The stuff on this CD are recordings from my rehearsal time, when I tried to find what I would do live. The sound is a bit different today after I have spent more time with my set. I'll certainly put out some new recordings in the near future..."


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