Friday, June 01, 2007


Meanwhile, in Yeovil, Geitevuyst fever reaches boiling-point! Still, we managed to convince the local council to change this sign to show solidary with our Flemish brothers:

"The heart of the country. The mind of a city." Ha! That's a blinkin' laff. The mind of a very retarded, crack-addled city, more like.

But Maldegem really does appear to be Yeovil's lost anti-matter-cousin (but cleaner and prettier and, er, pedestrianised!). Check the camera views here. Ah, so that's where all our Spar shops went!

Yeovil is also, I would like to add, spiritually twinned with Tampere, Finland.

Still, those of us here in the Yeovil Resistance Movement, those of us who are still livin' free and haven't had our balls spayed or been micro-chipped with GPS-tracking devices welcome the mighty GOATFIST into our collective West Country buzzzum! Tomorrow night's show is going to go down in legend...hope to see y'all down at the Yeovil Snooker Club at 8:00 for some fun and'll kick yrself if you don't go. And your children will never forgive you and will hate you forever.

Which reminds me: no home should be without the Blodklod / Geitevuyst split cassette:

Trust me: you really do need to own this!

You probably can't see from the scan, but they've covered the cassette in black Sellotape! It's an evil gimp tape! How Brol's that?

And they've written their name backwards in tippex.

Truly, they are giants among men, and this is why we are so proud to host them!


At 1:50 am, Blogger Archie said...

At 10:13 am, Blogger kek-w said...

LOL! Is that you, Spike?

Thanks for that - we need all the help we can get!

At 12:59 pm, Blogger Loki said...

really annoyed... i actually DID try and organise my way to coming to this but things have gone arse slab about face.... i guess i'll just have to make do with the live satellite link...

At 4:04 pm, Blogger doppelganger said...

I'm sure in twenty years time we'll all be claiming we WERE there...

At 8:52 am, Blogger Dominic Zero said...

I always used to think that towns that were twinned were exact replicas of each other.


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