Thursday, June 07, 2007


A whole buncha new goodies available over at the MYMWLY site. So get on over there and spend yr pocket-money before I bloody well pinch it and spend it on Japsplatter movies.

B-but in the Coming Very Soooooon Section is this awesome Two-CD anthology that I definitely recommend you check out:


Various Artists Hand Rolled Oblivion 2xcdr $15

Says Michael D: "This thing has bloomed into quite a heady beast. Lots of unearthed stuff, some familiar faces, two full discs of Psych Noise, ectoplasmic flutter and heavy mental illness. With work by many including 6majik9, throuroof, 'V', no guru, vluba, mark dagley, fathmount, brothers of the occult sisterhood, dinmuck#f, inhibitionists, mosseisly, eastern fox squirrels, ajilvsga, terracid, kageplan, taiga remains, rameses III, Ice Bird Spiral, zoo, cja, autumn galaxy, carhunt, snowfoxx, didgebaba, alligator crystal moth, james heighway, stasis duo, robert horton, mansion, the northsea, wolfskull, medroxy progesterone acetate, the golden oaks, futurians, andrew bell, charles curse, akhet, terracid, xwave, northlamp clocksea, innig, bloom, ffehro, xelaeon dion, flesh flute, demented thrugg, century plants, s.dyja......and more...."

Regular readers will be aware that Ice Bird Spiral is the psychedelic neo-surrealist noise-swirl moniker used by Cloudboy and meself for our own sonic explorations. To say that we're honoured and excited to be included in such company is a total understatement! More info on this release as and when it finally materialises in the physical universe. Our own full-length CD release is almost finished...we're in the process of tidying stuff up, mastering, working out packaging, etc. It's gonna be a goodie.


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