Saturday, May 19, 2007


"Up yer Pommie white arse!"

Thanks to James for this 7" wh/ has been rocking my world for the last week or two:

Australia Vs. Doncaster! Fast Lady Vs. Scorpio, Scorpio...Aussie Lap-Top Cock-Rock meets AC/DC meets Zodiac Mindwarp...Thin Lizzy on steroids and horse tranqs...early Beastie Boys relocated to Brisbane.

"With my balls of steel/You'll be feelin' the power/Wreckin' Crew in town/Get outa my waaaay/When the job is done/I'll be rockin' the staaaaage!"

Fucking genius! I'll be playing both sides of this hard-rockin' beaut at the Goatfist show.

Do I really need to tell you where to score this from?


At 10:36 am, Blogger Martin said...

I saw Scorpio Scorpio live at The Foundry (with an audience of about 6 people) a couple of years back - great to see he's got some product out!


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