Thursday, May 17, 2007


Haven't posted any music for a while, sooooooo (reaches randomly into his archives and acts all surprised)....Oh! Okay, didn't expect that...!

Not completely sure when I recorded this...late 1990s maybe?...a while back,'s primarily electronic-based and certainly not representative of the Free Pysch-Noise stuff that Cloudboy and I are doing at the moment (more news/info on that, to follow...), but there's so much of this crap that I might as well get it out there somehow or other. Yeah, it's a kinda fake Mix-Tape thing: Lord Depth and The Coward were both extensions of my own personality, sort've meme/attribute clusters with their own methodolgies and sounds, most of which I've long forgotten about, as it's kinda hard for me to connect with who I used to be at that period of my life, or to fathom my intentions. I seem to remember that one of The Coward's traits was that he often used samples of people behaving like was a sort of musical calling card, I guess.

Hmm, yeah. Well, anyway, it's now available for download, etc. It's around 5 minutes long (so longer than some of the other stuff I've posted, but it's split, like a crap Mix-Tape, into a series of vaguely interconnected sections). Click on the link below and it'll take you to a download page where you can pull down the mp3.

Lord Depth mixed by The Coward

The rules are the same as before: anyone is welcome (not that they will) to use any of this stuff for creative projects of their own, long as they let me know and give me some sort of credit. I'll happily link to anything you might be doing. Remixes/deconstructions/use in short films/etc are actively encouraged.

Other old archival stuff available for download here, and, uh, here and, ummmm, here....and also here.


At 3:38 pm, Blogger farmer glitch said...

remixed and posted on me blog ... sort of came out all wonky I'm afraid ..!


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