Sunday, May 06, 2007


Finally found that blinkin' Serfs CD-r at the bottom of a pile of Jap splatterporn DVDs, green-ink Spirograph pictures and fliers for 8mm cine microfests in Wales, months after I meant to play it. Been looking for this beaut for ages. To be honest, I could've done w/ it a coupla weeks back when I was on a major writing jag and the only thing that got my visual-cortex stiff in the right way was Thuja's wunnnnderfully arrid-yet-airy desertforestscape ost "Pine-Cone Temples."

Great cover art (incl. a typed track-listing on the back of a brown paper-bag) by those wonderful folk over at Mount Pleasant. Props due, methinks. Loving this alt.micro-business-netwerk.

Some chime-y, 'Free' dual-gtr action in effect here, w/ just the right amount of hesitation (and free-fall tight-rope walking) to add some sort of emotional undertow, but w/out losing its sense of forward motion/narrative or sounding too, uh, noodly. Serfs are the anti-matter Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie: ditch the faux Jazz-Folk motifs, ECM-bores, spliff-up and re-engage w/ yr axe...

But just when you think they won't rock out, the final track "Before the Infinite" builds up a nice head of strum-steam. Vini Reilly for armchair physicists or scatterbrained ner'do-wells that enjoy loafing around in Edwardian for an unfilmable Suburban Western: tiny waves on an off-season boating-lake (moored pedalos in the background, blurred and out-of-focus, paint flaking; rusty chains; a cheese-and-onion crisp packet floating in the water)...tangled kites...strands of grass wrapped around each other, tied in childish knots...rapeseed swaying slowly in the wind, like a bass-player's floppy blonde fringe circa 1982.

The school-bully, fat and out of breath, walks home by himself past rows of unkempt terraces, sad and alone.


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