Saturday, April 07, 2007


First vinyl on Funeral Folk, I think, and a corker it is too:

Jack Rose, here, slippin' n slidin' his way along the fret-board to cover John Fahey's "How Green Was My valley" for accoustic electric-eels, making their way in-land along country-lanes an' over dew-splashed grass to see their best gal. Follow'd up w/ "Buckdancer's Choice": some wicked pickin' that'll just make yuh wanna dance yrself stoopid n patch things up with yr ex-wife. Music to raise kids to: the spirit of life, love, food, wine, etc. Splashes of blue and green light thru the trees...say howdy-doody to the world, y'all. Bluegrass fer urban monkeys.

Meanwhile, Silvester Anfang, my fave Black Metal 'fluenc'd Belgian attic-lurkers take their own unique brand of faux-medieval VU-izms to a new level w/ this grim, skull-orbiting slice of slow-groan-growing drone-psych that'll have you putting the kids to bed early and running out into the garden to bring the washing in while a flock of ominously luminous crows watch you from a nearby apple-tree. (Check their recent LP "Satanische Vrede": Anfang're growin' in leaps n bounds...)

It'll leave black bird-shit stains n splatters on the clean pink sheets of yr innermost dreams, baby.


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