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I didn't realise that Turner Cody was playing Bristol last night, supporting/backing Herman Dune...and not only that but some people I knew (Anna and Ben) had gone. So could've even got a lift...


I loooove Turner Cody. Anyone who came to my Birthday bash was faced with a full-on Turner onslaught. Still, as a consolation prize (to me, mainly) is a vid of TC performing the wonderful "Suzannah":

I cannot apologise enuff for not following thru and posting about this guy; he is a tremendous talent; one of the best lyricists around right now...his "The Great Migration/Quarter Century" vinyl comp. on Mad Monk last year was one of my faves...yeah, I know, I'm always saying that about stuff, but, hell, I wouldn't post about it if I didn't genuinely dig it...

Chris in Acorn tells me there's some sort of budget price CD reissue of "Quarter Century" on the cards in the UK, so go check it...the vinyl was a combo of two earlier CDrs, I think...

I spoke briefly to Turner back last summer and he said:

"yeah, Mad Monk is James (Toth's) label that he started last year thru his label, Kill Rock Stars. He and I had been in contact for a year before and he asked me about putting some stuff out and I was totally into it.

"The reason for the split title is that they are two records. They were both recorded in 2005, "The Great Migration" in January and "Quarter Century" in September and October. We had to take a few tracks off Quarter Century so it could fit on the one side though.

"I've known Herman Dune since 2002 when they came to New York and stayed at the house I was living in Brooklyn. I made a record with them in 2003 called "The Cody Choir" and toured with them a few times in England and France. They are, without a doubt, some of best musicians I know."

I tried to get some people interested in running an article about Turner last year, but no dice. Interestingly, there's a buzz now about Herman Dune (there was a recent piece in Stool Pigeon back in Feb.), so hopefully Turner will surf friends certainly came back singing his praises and I didn't think he was the sorta stuff they normally liked...

James Toth (aka Wooden Wand) said, n I hope he don't mind me quoting him:

"Glad you dig Turner's LP! I don't love everything he does, but I think he's a really gifted songwriter. Whatever 'it' is, I think he has 'it,' ya know? If you can track down his cdr "Buds of May", that's where it's at!"

Like Wand's own more recent 'song'-orientated stuff, Turner taps into some kinda Post-Dylan-ish sensibility...he's a twisty, yet unpretentious wordsmith who flows in a frictionless fashion w/out sounding contrived: he's playful, yet dryly acerbic, with an occasionally bitter after-taste...his lyrics have a strong internal visual narrative that deliberately n willfully wrongfoots the listener with its own slippery ice-rink logic and skewed's poetic (without needlessly unbalancing trad. song-forms), but has a personal, first-person 'voice' that still retains mystery and lyrical 'ripeness'. The melodies are deceptively simple and that's an artform in its own right.

I'm a fucking fan, but I think you probably figured that out pretty quickly by yrselves.


At 1:40 am, Blogger brad rose said...

hey kek-
long time no talk, but hail to turner cody! just thought i'd pass along that we're reissuing/remastering "buds of may" on CD on digitalis (on our swanky new arts & crafts editions) this summer. i can't believe this guy isn't a huge star or something. he's so ridiculously good.

At 6:03 pm, Blogger kek-w said...

Hey Brad - great to hear from you - thanks for the tip-off...I'll drop you an e-mail about this soonest.

Yeah, Turner's def. the biz...

Herman Dune seem to be about to cross-over in the UK; there's a buzz about their forth-coming single, so maybe Turner's own stuff will have its moment in the sun too!

At 11:43 am, Blogger GrĂ©goire said...

Hello Guys, I'm greg from b.y_records in brussels, We ve just relaese a Cd Called '60 Seasons' a kind of compilation of turner cody's work since 2000.
You can find it here ( ). It's an amazing record.
It just got 4 stars in the german rolling stones.


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