Thursday, March 22, 2007


Just popped indoors at 10:00, after tidying-up the post below, to watch the season finale of Skins (truly, the best thing on telly recently, I reckon), only to find (jeez: weird coincidence!) that a sizable part of the episode was set in Seymours Family Club: there was even a punch-up on the dance-floor exactly where Raccoo-oo-oon were playing last week. Heh, and the DJ was playing Lethal Bizzle. And then Sid walked out into the front carpark in a night-time camera-shot v. similar to my own blurry farewell photo.

Anyways, an excellent end to an excellent series with the entire cast miming to "It's a Wild World" and a totally fabulous and well-deserved looking-out-over-Bristol fairytale ending for Sid, tho not for Tony. Bring on season two, I say.


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